About Us

What We Do

CrossMark serves profitable companies seeking funding and financing for growth or a successful exit/capital event. CrossMark also assists its clients in seeking strategic partners to generate business growth.

Crossmark represents companies in the forefront of their industries seeking (i) growth capital, mezzanine and senior debt funding, and (ii) to engage in sell and buy-side transactions. CrossMark also represents businesses seeking revenue growth through strategic alliances.

What Industries We Cover

CrossMark’s Principals Have Extensive Knowledge and Experience Across Many Industries.

Teaming Partners

Whether your business enterprise seeks any form of debt financing or equity funded capital or is considering an exit or buy-side transaction, CrossMark can bring to you the right “teaming partners” to assist you and your company in achieving your financial and operational objectives.

CrossMark has established close working relationships with a dynamic group of professionals in the investment banking, accounting, legal, financial planning, wealth management/asset protection, company valuation and management consulting arenas that it can bring to you in a coordinated and strategic manner. We will manage your transaction and the professional team brought together to get you to a timely and successful closing. When appropriate, we will affiliate with a dynamic investment banking firm with broker-dealer affiliations to enable our client’s securities-related transactions to be fully securities law and regulation compliant.